5 Reasons to Be Wary of Elon Musk's Hyperloop

High-speed vactrains might be the ticket for a Martian colony. As a practical transit investment for Earth, the technology has a long way to go.

Cyclists ride next to the Mapocho River in Santiago, Chile.

A River That Locals Once Despised Is About to Get One of Latin America's Best Bike Paths

Just a few decades ago, Santiago’s Mapocho River was known for its terrible odor. Now, the shore will have its own state-of-the-art cycling track, thanks to years of work and pressure by regular citizens.

U.S. Transportation Funding Is Not Created Equal

Some states shoulder the lion’s share of state and local road costs; others lean on Uncle Sam.

Can Bike Sharing Survive in India?

A new bike-share program launches in Bhopal, but Indian cyclists still face huge obstacles.  

Honolulu's Rapid Transit Crisis

Traffic in Hawaii’s capital is terrible, but construction on a rail system may now cost as much as $13 billion while alleviating road congestion by as little as one percent.

Republicans Should Pivot to Infrastructure

Investing in roads, bridges, and tunnels offers a better bang for the buck than any tax cut out there, at a time when both economic growth and political victories are in short supply for Congress.

It Takes More Than Bollards to Build a Bike Paradise

How did the small Dutch city of Nijmegen conquer car traffic?

Planes struggle to lift off when hotter temperatures make for less dense air.

Climate Change's Revenge on the Aviation Industry

New research piles on the unpleasant effects of hotter air on plane travel.

Boston Commuters Brace For GIF-Based Etiquette Campaign

Get ready to have your subway behavior corrected by cute dogs, cats, and a sneezing panda.

Baltimore Battles Its Bike Lanes

What happens when city residents go to war against cycling infrastructure?

A group of people stand on a hill overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge

Privatization Is Changing America's Relationship With Its Physical Stuff

Turning more and more infrastructure projects over to outside companies makes citizens more like customers.

Highway traffic is pictured.

Lab Report: Why Is Urban America Driving More?

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

The Clock is Ticking on America's Most Urgent Transportation Project

The Trump administration is distancing itself from the Gateway Project, which will only get more expensive to fund.

The main hall of the new Arnhem Station in the Netherlands

Planning the Transit Hubs of the Future

How do you future-proof railway stations, metro hubs, and bus terminals? Urban planner Caroline Bos has a few pointers.

Fixing Toronto's Worst Streetcar Commute

Connecting a number of rapidly densifying neighborhoods, the 504 King will finally get priority over cars along a central portion of its journey thanks to a one-year, $1.5 million pilot study starting this fall.

How Low Did He Go?

The story: Robert Moses ordered engineers to build the Southern State Parkway’s bridges extra-low, to prevent poor people in buses from using the highway. The truth? It’s a little more complex.

Oregon (Yes, Oregon) Just Put a Tax on Bicycles

The $15 fee on new bikes is a strange way for the state to prioritize active transit.

A young woman sleeps on the subway as she heads downtown during rush hour in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

A Wake-Up Call For Sleepy Transit Riders

In search of apps for commuters who can’t keep their eyes open

All the Promises Automakers Have Made About the Future of Cars

If you believe them, there will be a lot of self-driving cars on the road by 2020.

Mapping America's Longest and Shortest Commutes

Which U.S. counties have the fastest travel times to work, and where do the roads seem paved with molasses?

Cars upon cars upon cars.

For 23 World Cities, a Visual Inventory of Parking Lots

An urban researcher shows how "mobility space" favors cars.