A sign warns non-resident drivers to avoid using a street in Leonia, New Jersey.

What Happens When a City Bans Non-Resident Drivers?

Besieged by commuters taking Waze-powered shortcuts, Leonia, New Jersey, closed its side streets to non-residents. Not everyone is happy with the results.

A Pennsylvania Town Finds a Way to Save Its 'Other' Train Station

Lansdale’s freight station is just as old as the beloved passenger station nearby. Volunteers are making sure it’ll no longer be an “ignored stepchild.”

The Electric Scooter War Is No Joke

As Bird, LimeBike, and Spin unleash dockless scooters in new cities, turf battles are breaking out.

An Uber self-driving vehicle undergoing testing in Pittsburgh.

Self-Driving Cars Still Have a Lot to Learn

After the fatal Uber crash in Tempe, a leading AV researcher warns that big questions about testing and public safety are looming for the industry.

Why New York City Stopped Building Subways

Nearly 80 years ago, a construction standstill derailed the subway’s progress, leading to its present crisis. This is the story, decade by decade.

In San Francisco, public housing units like Hunter's View complex (seen here in 2014) are in very short supply.

Meet the PHIMBYs

In California, advocates who demand “Public Housing in My Backyard” have joined traditional NIMBY groups in fighting a bill designed to boost density in transit-accessible neighborhoods.

It's Time to Regulate 'Smart City' Technology, Too

This isn’t just about Facebook: When Google is building cities and cars are turning into data-harvesting machines, the need for laws that protect users has never been more urgent.

Uber Pivots to On-Demand Everything

The company is announcing new partnerships with dockless bike firms, car-sharing services, and transit startups, signaling its desire to help cities service all types of mobility.

Cars sit in a traffic jam while cyclists ride by in Central London.

London's Congestion Charge Is Showing Its Age

After 15 years of existence, London’s method of congestion charging is dated. It needs to be bigger, longer, and greedier.

Kids eating ice cream.

Free Cones Are Like Freeways: You Pay With Your Time

When it comes to our road system, Ben & Jerry’s annual ice-cream giveaway has much to teach us.

A man making deliveries rides an electric bike in New York City.

New York City Makes (Some) Space for E-Bikes

After a controversial crackdown, city officials will legalize one class of battery-boosted bicycles.

Who Expects Car Companies to Willingly Go Green?

The industry may cultivate an eco-minded image, but its lobbying efforts can tell a different story. Where should citizens place their outrage?

A rendering of Sweetwater, Florida's Eighth Street, reimagined as a tree-lined boulevard.

Don't Just Rebuild the Collapsed Pedestrian Bridge in Miami

Instead, a pair of local street planners propose redesigning the street below.

This Map Takes All the Guesswork Out of Confusing Street Parking Rules

Whether you need a free spot for two hours or a paid spot for the whole day, Coord’s color-coded map will tell you where to look.

Denver, Center of the Cosmopolitan Railway

William Gilpin’s big idea in the late 1800s would have made Denver the crossroads of the world—the place where “the zodiac of nations closes its circle.”

How Transit-Oriented Development Can Prevent Displacement

Oakland’s Fruitvale neighborhood has shown all the economic signs of gentrification without losing its majority-Latino population.

Elaine Herzberg was struck by an autonomous Uber vehicle on March 18 in Tempe, AZ.

Former Uber Backup Driver: 'We Saw This Coming'

Before the fatal crash in Tempe, Uber’s self-driving test program had safety weaknesses, ex-employees say. Some weren’t avoidable, technologists believe, but some might have been.

Man on bridge

A Brexit Bridge Too Far

Boris Johnson’s recent proposal to build a span between the U.K. and France recalls a long history of ambitious construction fantasies with uninspiring origins.

You Want Congestion Pricing? Be Specific.

It’s every wonk’s favorite traffic-relief prescription. But getting road fees right is really complicated.

The Gateway Project Doesn't Need Trump's Approval

The $30 billion rail tunnel project may be a victim of President Trump’s feud with Democrats. But New York and New Jersey could still save it.

A self-driving Volvo SUV in Scottsdale, Arizona. The company has halted testing of its autonomous vehicle program in the wake of a fatal crash on Sunday.

How the Self-Driving Dream Might Become a Nightmare

What will happen if we just accept that a certain number of pedestrian deaths are an inevitable part of adopting autonomous vehicles?