Yes, Transit Users, You Could Get Hacked, Too

It’s not just Uber. New transportation services come with data risks, even when they’re from a public agency.

Pont Des Arts in Paris

Paris Wants to Build a Few Garden Bridges

Here’s what it should learn from London’s infamous efforts to build one.

Avoiding Thanksgiving Traffic, With Science

Find the best times (and modes!) to get to dinner this record-breaking holiday weekend.

Are Electric Vehicles About to Hit a Roadblock?

With the EV tax credit on the chopping block and Tesla experiencing production delays, dreams of an electric future might prove elusive in the U.S.

An autonomous vehicle drives on a race track in California.

Driverless Cars Won’t Save Us

In fact, they’ll do the opposite of what techno-optimists hope, and worsen—not ease—inequality.

Why Is African Air Travel So Terrible?

Taking a flight between cities in different African nations is often expensive, circuitous, and unsafe. But better days for travelers may be coming.

A Bus-Shunning Texas Town's Big Leap to Microtransit

Arlington used to be the largest city in the U.S. without any buses at all. Now it’s going all in on on-demand shuttles.

Rockingham Speedway in North Carolina

A Highway to Progress, Foiled By Old Values

A Carolinian drives along a familiar road to make sense of what exists in between the South’s most regressive and progressive narratives.

Europe's Intercity Bus Juggernaut Is Rolling Into the U.S.

Flixbus is like the Uber of long-haul road travel. Could it reboot the American coach business?

Driverless Cars Will Change the Way Cities Feel

Autonomous vehicles promise safety and efficiency. But nobody knows what it will be like to live with them.

A row of tractor trailers lined up at a truck stop.

The Truckers Who Are Taking on Human Trafficking

In Arkansas, the “knights of the road” are being trained to combat truck-stop prostitution.

Two subway passengers framed by a train window.

New York's Subway Announcements Go Gender Neutral

MTA is instructing staff not to say “ladies and gentlemen” anymore, preferring “passengers” or “riders” instead.

Can Nashville Pull Off a $5.2 Billion Transit Makeover?

In an era of state preemption of local authority, Nashville is pushing ahead with a major transit initiative built on new local taxes.

Putting the Brakes on Runaway Gentrification in Atlanta

The BeltLine is making the neighborhoods in its path too expensive. Can a proposed inclusive housing bill help?

The Anti-Urbanism of UberAir

Take a cheap helicopter ride through a smoggier, stress-ier, and more divided L.A.

The inside of the Moscow Metro is pictured.

On Moscow Metro, Jewelry Is a Classy Alternative to Subway Cards

Stop fumbling with your wallet at the turnstile and wear this ring instead.

A rendering of a self-driving "trackless train"

Can We Just Call This a Bus?

New “trackless trains” out of China suggest buses by any other name could smell sweeter.  

How to Pedestrianize a Vital Urban Street

London’s plans for Oxford Street show that even the busiest roads can ban vehicles—but there's one major misstep.

The Social Network That Helps Planners Understand Pedestrians and Cyclists

Long neglected in transportation planning, popular jogging and biking routes are getting more attention thanks to new data collected by Strava.

Berliners party on the tarmac for a dance festival at the former Tempelhof airport in September 2017.

Berlin: A Drama in Four Airports

Between iconic architecture and roles in the city’s tumultuous 20th-century history, Tempelhof, Tegel, Schönefeld, and Brandenburg are emotionally charged spaces.

Don't Believe the Microtransit Hype

Minibus startups like Chariot aren’t succeeding. But transit shouldn’t be judged on whether it turns a profit.