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Can L.A. De-Stink Its Metro?

The city is installing lavender-smelling deodorizers in train cars to address rider complaints.

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The Lawsuits Over NYC's Subway Inaccessibility Are Long Overdue

Advocates allege that the entire MTA system discriminates against riders with disabilities.

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A Carmaker Talks About What Comes After Driving

Ford’s CEO wants to sell mobility, not just machines.

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Can Silicon Valley Kick the Sprawl Habit?

The Bay Area’s knowledge jobs are dispersed across a vast, car-choked landscape of suburban office parks. And that’s the way the industry likes it.

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The Human Cost of Losing Amtrak

Hundreds of towns and cities would lose rail service under President Trump’s proposed budget—and some of them have few other options.

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Who's Calling the Shots On Autonomous Vehicles?

As AVs trickle onto city streets, public leaders should set the rules of the road—before the industry does.

Lab Report

Lab Report: Mayors Fear the Trump Budget

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

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Anatomy of the 7 Train

How the most diverse subway line in America forges a shared urban identity, according to a new book.

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Lab Report: Amtrak on Shaky Ground

A morning roundup of the day’s news.


This Magic Dutch Traffic Light Helps Bicyclists Avoid Stopping

The “Flo” system uses cute creatures to tell cyclists to speed up or slow down to catch a green light.

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Lab Report: Why Scientists Are Set to March in Hundreds of Cities This Weekend

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

Urban Aeronautics

When Cars Fly

The flying cars that we’ve been dreaming about for decades are not here yet, and we already have very unreasonable expectations.

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Cities Seek Deliverance From the E-Commerce Boom

It’s the flip-side to the “retail apocalypse:” A siege of delivery trucks is threatening to choke cities with traffic. But not everyone agrees on what to do about it.

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Lab Report: The Case for an Active Commute

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

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Lab Report: Overruling Cities on Uber

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

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Mapping Amtrak Service, Before and After the Trump Budget

A visualization shows hundreds of cities that would lose long-distance trains under the president’s proposed budget.

Oliver Clasper

Focusing on the Hidden Horror of American Lynchings

A British photojournalist is training his camera on the sites of the South’s ugliest open secret.

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Is Tesla Really the Future of Cars?

The auto industry’s fate rides on the answers to three unresolved questions: driven or self-driving? Electric or gas? Private or shared?

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No, Police Should Not Fine Cyclists Who Wear Headphones

Ticky-tacky penalties are no way to accomplish Vision Zero, especially if they won’t be enforced equitably.