A data expert in Toronto charts the most dangerous days for walkers

Late November is the most dangerous time to be a pedestrian in Toronto.

This according to researcher Patrick Cain, who FOIed 10 years of pedestrian accident data. Cain's stats show that pedestrian collisions spike in late November, peaking between November 21 and November 30. In fact, eight of the most dangerous ten days fall between these dates. (The other two are November 2 and December 22.) Pedestrians in Toronto are safest on Christmas Day, Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day and Canada Day.

Cain theorizes that the culprit is sunlight, or a lack thereof. "It’s a strong correlation, and the answer seems to lie in sunset falling before rush hour. After a week or so, people acclimatize," he writes.

See the whole post (along with some interesting charts!) here.

Photo credit: Jessica Rinaldi/Reuters

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