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The World's Most Luxurious Subway Ride

This Parisian train - inspired by the Palace of Versailles - has reclining seats! And frescoes!


Public transportation is rarely described as decadent, even though it is a luxury enjoyed by most city dwellers. Urban environments lend themselves to commuter trains and bus routes, helping millions of people arrive at their destination, albeit not always on time. Unfortunately, between over-crowded trains and delayed schedules, urban commuters can sometimes forget that public transportation is a treat. Parisian city officials have recently transformed a train on the main rapid transit system to resemble the Palace of Versailles, creating potentially the most luxurious and ostentatious train commute imaginable.

Ever since May, passengers on the RER C line traveling between the Palace and the capital city have indulged in their opulent surroundings. The refurbishments, which involved layering the walls of the train with a high-tech plastic film, create replications of seven different palace areas including the Hall of Mirrors, Marie-Antoniette’s estate, the formal gardens, and even a mock library in one of the train cars.

The train cars are completely covered, from walls to vaulted ceilings, in the extravagant replications from the palace, including ornamented furniture, golden statues, and decorative ceiling designs. The new changes were funded by the Palace of Versailles, with the changes being carried out courtesy of a deal made between palace officials and the rail operator SNCF.

All photos courtesy of WEEN

This post originally appeared on Architizer, an Atlantic partner site.

About the Author

  • Ashley Wells is a Brooklyn-based intern at Architizer.