The attachment projects a symbol 20 feet ahead of the bike, enhancing presence for oncoming traffic and lane mergers.

Urban cycling is cheap, healthy, and awesome for the environment. But it’s also really dangerous, particularly when a driver fails to see you approaching and cuts you off as he makes a right-hand turn. Indeed, according to the UK Department of Transport, 79 percent of cycling casualties have resulted from these kinds of oversights.

If your bright orange vest or glow-in-the-dark gear just aren’t cutting it, the BLAZE bike light may do the trick. The attachment projects a symbol 13 to 20 feet ahead of the bike, enhancing presence for oncoming traffic and lane mergers.

Initiated a year ago by former design student Emily Brooke, the concept has since been refined for market sale and production. The prototype is a composite LED light and laser module harnessed atop the handlebar that projects a cycling symbol ahead of your path. Different modes can be switched to flashing on the LED and laser for enhanced visibility. If needed, the LED portion of the device can be dimmed for use as just a flashlight. The device is powered by rechargeable batteries that can last up to six consecutive hours.

This post originally appeared on Architizer, an Atlantic partner site.

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