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Well, This Is Certainly One of the Worst Public Bus Stories We've Ever Heard

In Detroit, a rider says a bus driver cursed at her and refused to let her off. And then things got really bad.

Last week, Jeanne Dorado moved to Detroit from Minneapolis. She figured the bus would be a reasonable way to get to work.


Dorado tells local TV network WDIV that on her first city bus ride, just a day after moving to her new city, Dorado asked the driver how far down Woodward Avenue the route went. The driver replied, according to one witness, "[B]itch, I'm the motherfucking Mack bus" (a bus route that briefly goes down that street).

According to Dorado, the driver then threatened her, telling her that "he was going to take me on the ride of my life and then drop me off on the east side, which, being new, I don't even know what that means." 

After he refused to let her off the bus, she called 911 to report she was being kidnapped. According to Dorado and another witness, the driver then got out of his seat while the bus was moving to slap her across the face with the back of his right hand. Another patron grabbed the driver to pull him back to operating the moving bus.

Local TV network WDIV says Dorado is now pressing charges against the driver. The Detroit Department of Transportation says it's investigating the incident. DDOT won't comment on the matter, but a WDIV reporter says the bus driver is suspended pending the outcome of the investigation.

Dorado, meanwhile, is now relying on co-workers for rides until she's ready to buy a car. Fair enough.

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