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Next Up: Water-Biking to Work?

A radically new way to commute, if you’re up for it.

No trains, no buses, no cars, no pedestrians.

That’s the dream commute turned reality by 41-year-old Judah Schiller. Last Friday, Schiller biked across the San Francisco Bay in under an hour. Yesterday, he pedaled across the Hudson River -- from Hoboken, New Jersey, to Manhattan’s Pier 66 -- in 15 minutes. What's Schiller’s physics-defying magical "water bike"?

It's actually just a regular bike snapped onto ski-like pontoons that convert pedaling into power. According to SF Gate, the inflatable attachments cost about $1,000 and can be carried in a small bag. The while thing takes less than 10 minutes to set up.

Behind the bi-coastal aquatic demonstrations is Schiller’s BayCycle Project, an initiative to popularize water-cycling as an alternative mode of transportation. Upon rising from the water in San Francisco last week, Schiller told SF Gate,

"This is the next evolution in biking. Two-thirds of the planet is covered in water. In an iconic city that's literally surrounded by water, why not open a new frontier?"

See him in action in this video from WNYC

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