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New York City's Subway Matchmaking Service Is Hiring 'Cupids'

Get paid to scope out eligible singles on the train.


Five million people ride the New York City subway everyday. Doubtless some of those passengers are looking for a partner. "Love Conductor" Erika Christensen wants to help them out.

Last year, she created Train Spottings. It's an old-school matchmaking service, with a twist -- she finds her clients and matchup candidates (the city's “most fabulous, attractive and creative singles") on the subway. Now, she’s looking for help. 

Christensen is seeking "subway cupids." Their task? Hand out Train Spottings cards to high-potential singles on the train. Pay is not bad. You get $1 for every card given out -- plus a commission of up to $200 for successful matches, as well as 15 percent of fees paid by a new client.

Based on a recent Craigslist ad for the position, Christensen wants people who are magnetic, brave, disciplined, and "kind of a love nerd."

But also kind of a ninja.

Christensen elaborated on the job description for Brokelyn:

We’ve found great success with 'stick pocketing' meaning getting our card to the people however we can -- in books they’re reading, back pockets, Trader Joe’s bags, etc.

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