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Changwon, South Korea's does. Get ready to be jealous. 

Welcome to Changwon, South Korea, where bicycling is everything.

Bicycling in Changwon is equivalent to soccer in Brazil (too soon?) or bull fighting in Madrid. There is even a case to be made that cycling is more important to Changwon's population than the Red Sox are to Boston. Colin Marshall of The Guardian is currently on a quest through South Korea to find the world’s best bike-sharing service, but he might as well just end the trip now. About 115 miles south of Seoul in a city of one million people is what appears to be the Holy Grail of bike-sharing. Roughly 3,000 residents of Changwon use their bike-share service, called Nubija, each day, according to Marshall. And for good reason: it’s dirt cheap.

For just under $35, Changwoners receive an unlimited annual membership and access to over 240 stations across the city. Cycling has become so popular since the service launched that a costume-themed Changwon Bike Party is held each month. Nubija can also boast the title of being the world’s only bike-sharing service that is wholly owned and operated by the city it’s servicing. But if you’re still not beginning to feel a little insecure about your local bike-share, Nubija bike-sharing even has an official theme song. ‘Most wonderful bike capital Changwon City.’ 

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