A new cycling superhero is born.

There’s nothing a city cyclist hates more than a car parked in the bike lane (especially a cop car). But there’s not much your average rider can do about it other than grumble, steer around the obstruction, and maybe go home and start a Tumblr page with photos of the worst offenders.

That is, unless you’re this huge dude in the above video. Finding a car blocking his cycling path, Bike Lane Man lifts the arrogant auto by the bumper and slides it gently out of the way—with seemingly no more effort than a normal human needs to realign a drink coaster. He even brushes off the late-charging assistance of another onlooker who wants to latch onto the spokes of cycling heroism.

Bike Lane Man then gets back on his (surprisingly tiny) bike and goes on his way, no doubt off to rescue a frightened kitten stuck in a tree by tearing the trunk from its roots. The title of the video translates from Portuguese into The strongest man in the world.” (Eat your heart out, Magnus Ver Magnusson.) Let’s hope the footage is real, though even if it’s not, the message sure is.

H/t: Kottke

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