It’s all about having a safe buffer zone, according to this Tasmanian PSA.

What’s a safe distance to drive past a cyclist?

In California, a new law says it’s at least three feet. In Tasmania, it’s about five feet or 1.5 meters on roads with speed limits above 40 mph—a span compared to everyday activities in this humorous PSA from the Australian state’s government.

“Distance Makes the Difference” is the motto of the video, produced by Tasmania’s Road Safety Advisory Council for its “Toward Zero” campaign. Would you stand a foot behind someone who’s using an ATM? Or a foot next to a guy who’s peeing in a urinal? Probably not—just as 12 inches is not an acceptable distance with which to blow by a bike.

For those curious how far away you’re supposed to stand from men relieving their bladders, the PSA states it’s about seven feet. Do with that information what you will.

H/t Momentum Mag

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