Is this an extreme effort to shorten somebody’s commute?

What is it about the Berlin subway that makes people want to settle down?

First there was the recent discovery of a hidden bedroom in an unused tunnel, which folks speculated was the work of street artists or poor students. And now a wee home has appeared in a public walkway, complete with curtains, flowers, and even a lawn gnome.

The tiny installation was photographed by someone at Berlin Writers, a magazine publisher and clothing maker for the graffiti crowd. The home appears welcoming, with a smiling grandma and cat in the window, though a picket fence clearly delineates between commuters’ space and her precious AstroTurf lawn. So far it’s unknown what jokers set up the thing—but knowing the tenacity of the Berlin police, they’re probably fleeing to another country by now.

H/t Urbanshit

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