A maglev train on a test track outside Tokyo. A scheme to build a line between Baltimore and Washington, D.C., has been in the works for years.

The Battle of the Supertrains

Promoters are touting two different multi-billion-dollar high-speed projects between Washington, D.C., and Baltimore. Is it a fantasy, or a game changer?

Basel's new streetcar is pictured.

Switzerland's Border-Busting Streetcar Rolls Into France and Germany

A new extension makes it the world’s only tri-national tram system.

To Fight 'Bikelash,' Get Your Boss to Back Protected Lanes

“It’s such a simple ask,” said one campaigner who did it in London in 2014. “Say ‘I have a right to get to work safely.’”

A man works on his laptop as he waits for a train at a metro station in Delhi in 2014.

Can the Affluent Be Convinced to Ride Transit in Delhi?

Despite severe air pollution, higher-income residents of Delhi prefer to drive or hail cars rather than ride the metro. What will change their minds?

People dressed in costumes as Super Mario, super heroes and others drive custom built Go-Karts through a street in Tokyo.

Japan Asks Tourists to Buckle Up When Reenacting Mario Kart on City Streets

If you must dress up as Wario for a go-kart tour of Tokyo, please be safe.

Google Street View Can Reveal How Your Neighborhood Votes

You can learn a lot about an area just from the cars parked on its streets.

Traffic fills a highway east of Beirut.

The Buses of Beirut Are Crazy. This App Might Tame Them.

The city has lacked regulated public transportation since its civil war.

Columbus Now Says 'Smart' Rides for Vulnerable Moms Are Coming

The city has revised the project portfolio of its $50 million “smart city” grant, weeks after a CityLab report spotlighted a fading commitment to address infant mortality.

Elon Musk is pictured.

Lab Report: Elon Musk's Short-Sighted Vision for L.A. Tunnels

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

Where It Pays to Drive Electric

A new study from the Union of Concerned Scientists found that EV drivers save almost $800 a year, depending on where, when, and how they charge.

Los Angeles Is Ready for the Next Mobility Revolution

The city was shaped by the streetcar and was an early adopter of the automobile. What comes next?

Uber flags are pictured.

Lab Report: Uber's Very Bad Day

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

In October, Uber drivers in Sao Paulo staged a protest over impending ride-hailing regulations.

Uber and Lyft Should Pay for the Streets

The case for levying a road user fee on ride-hailing companies.

How Should Chicago Spend Its Uber Tax?

The Windy City will make ride-hailing services contribute funding for transit. Here’s how they could use the money.

Yes, Transit Users, You Could Get Hacked, Too

It’s not just Uber. New transportation services come with data risks, even when they’re from a public agency.

Pont Des Arts in Paris

Paris Wants to Build a Few Garden Bridges

Here’s what it should learn from London’s infamous efforts to build one.

Avoiding Thanksgiving Traffic, With Science

Find the best times (and modes!) to get to dinner this record-breaking holiday weekend.

Are Electric Vehicles About to Hit a Roadblock?

With the EV tax credit on the chopping block and Tesla experiencing production delays, dreams of an electric future might prove elusive in the U.S.

An autonomous vehicle drives on a race track in California.

Driverless Cars Won’t Save Us

In fact, they’ll do the opposite of what techno-optimists hope, and worsen—not ease—inequality.

Why Is African Air Travel So Terrible?

Taking a flight between cities in different African nations is often expensive, circuitous, and unsafe. But better days for travelers may be coming.