Andrew Lynch

What a Geographically Accurate New York City Subway Map Looks Like

One cartographer has done the heavy lifting, and rail fans are pumped.

Cubic Transportation Systems

To Ride the Subway of the Future, All You Need Is Your Face

Biometric markers could replace physical payment methods, speeding entry for passengers (and discouraging fare evaders). Is this awesome, or creepy? Or both?

Amr Dalsh/Reuters

Why Jitneys Will Survive Uber

Informal ridesharing is technically illegal, but it will likely endure—just as it has for a century.  

Mike Segar/Reuters

Forget Flying Cars: We Need Floating Ones

As traffic on land stalls, the sea beckons.

Brian Snyder/Reuters

A Data-Driven Crash-Prediction Tool Every City Can Use

Here’s the latest in the smart national effort to cut crash fatalities.

Carlos Osorio/AP

The Streetcar Boondoggle Continues, This Time In Detroit

The QLine is hardly mass transit.

Adnan Abidi/Reuters

India's Revolutionary Plan to Make All Its Cars Electric

The government recently announced that gas cars will be phased out by 2030.

Sound Transit/YouTube

The World's First Floating Light Rail

Seattle built some of the longest highway bridges that float on water. Soon, one of them will carry a train system, too.

Gene J. Puskar/AP Photo

8 Bright Ideas for Driverless Cities

Could self-driving cars bring on more affordable housing? Should car companies slap a “warning label” on private autos? At a national summit of mobility leaders, some big thoughts came up.

Stockholm Stad

Stockholm Is Coming for Oslo’s Car-Free Crown

Sweden’s capital city decides it’s time to correct postwar planning blunders—with a little friendly rivalry on the side.

Street Makers/Ossip van Duivenbode

Funky Dutch Crosswalks Celebrate the Pedestrian

In Rotterdam, the streets have a message: “Walk Proud.”


New York City Seeks the 'Holy Grail' of Street Design

Why do some intersections have such high pedestrian injury rates? It’s not all about the number of cars.

Lab Report

Lab Report: Uber's Europe Problem

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

Dublin City Council

Dublin Might Finally Get the Main Square It Deserves

New plans call for a pivotal roadway in the city center to be surrendered to pedestrians, bikes, and a new streetcar.

Tempe Police Department/AP Photo

Even Shared Autonomous Vehicles Could Spell Traffic Disaster

Cities have a narrow opportunity to rein in an unbridled rise in VMT.

Amelia Bates/Grist

How Trump Could Spend $1 Trillion to Fix America

As the White House prepares a massive infrastructure plan, experts weigh in on how they would spend that money to repair the country’s decrepit transportation and water systems.

Ted S. Warren/AP Photo

Higher Gas Taxes Won't Work

We need a better way to make sure road users pay. Mileage fees could be the answer.

Richard Drew/AP

Who's Choosing Bike Share Over the Bus?

New research looks at the effect of Citi Bike docks appearing along MTA routes.