How to Get Home Safely on the Booziest Night of the Year

January 1 has historically been a deadly day for pedestrians and car crashes. Here are some of the many programs intended to mitigate the New Year’s Eve risk.

What Elon Musk Gets Right About Transit

The Tesla CEO might have incurred the wrath of public transportation advocates, but he’s not wrong in his diagnosis of one fundamental problem.

Tokyo businessmen and women raise beer mugs in a toast at an after-work party.

A Bus Rescues Drunk Subway Riders on New Year's

A Tokyo bus company helps out riders who accidentally find themselves stranded at the end of the line in the middle of the night.

The New $1 Trillion Infrastructure Plan Could Pressure Struggling Cities

Trump’s big investment plan will be revealed in January. Here’s what to expect.

How Washington, D.C., Built a Bike Boom

The city’s pioneering bike-share program and growing network of lanes was key. So is “human infrastructure.”

A Google driverless car is pictured.

Driverless Cars Could Make Transportation Free for Everyone—With a Catch

Want a gratis ride? You’ll just have to stop at some stores along the way.

A U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer helps a passenger navigate one of the new facial recognition kiosks before a flight to Tokyo in July 2017, in Houston.

In 9 U.S. Cities, Airport Security Is Now Scanning Your Face

“DHS should not be scanning the faces of Americans as they depart on international flights—but DHS is doing it anyway,” warns a new report that finds facial recognition practices may be violating the law.

Don't Bother Reading Past This Headline, Holiday Travelers

The traffic will only be getting worse. Here’s what AAA, Inrix, and Waze have to say about avoiding Christmas jams.

What Happens to Ambulance Calls When Uber Enters a City

In cities where the popular ride-sharing app is used, ambulance usage went down by 7 percent, according to a new study.

How to Fix New York City's 'Unsustainable' Traffic Woes

First step: Acknowledge that ride-hailing apps are jamming streets worse than ever.

A pink taxi driver is pictured.

In Mexico, Momentum Builds for Women-Only Ride-Hailing Apps

A female passenger’s death sparked a movement demanding safer mobility options for women. Can this business model work here, after faltering elsewhere?

The Uber app is pictured in front of two London cabs.

Europe Says Uber Is Officially a Taxi Service

The E.U.’s top court deals a major blow to the ride-hailing company, and other services might get caught in the crossfire.

Tesla's Elon Musk: Not a mass transit fan.

What Elon Musk Doesn't Get About Urban Transit

The Tesla CEO’s recent comments about public transportation triggered a firestorm of criticism. Here’s why.

The French City That Shocked Citizens By Making Transit Free

Even though fares pay for a fraction of transit’s total cost in Dunkirk, free buses seemed like magic.

The High-Speed Train at the Heart of Hong Kong's Political Future

China is building a new train to cut travel time significantly between Hong Kong and Guangzhou. But pro-democracy activists are uneasy about mainland’s intentions.

An Amtrak train on its maiden voyage from Seattle to Portland derailed above Interstate 5 on Monday.

Passenger Rail Has an Accountability Problem

The fatal derailment in Washington is the latest reminder of how the U.S. gives train passengers short shrift.

Berlin's Upcoming Bike Revolution

A new law could see the city’s cycling infrastructure completely transformed.

A Catastrophic Train Derailment in Washington State

Three are dead following the deadly accident on the opening morning of Amtrak’s rerouted, faster Cascades line near Tacoma.

York Station

The Ambitious Design and Low Density of Toronto's Newest Subway Stations

Despite its shortcomings, the scope of the 5.3-mile Spadina line addition is significant.

How Two Mayors Think Locally and Act Globally

Local leaders like Eric Garcetti have always juggled a lot. Now they’ve got the world on their shoulders.