Lyft Is Reaching L.A. Neighborhoods Where Taxis Wouldn’t

With a rare look at trip data from the ride-hailing giant, a UCLA researcher finds promising equity results.

Japan's Hello Kitty Bullet Train Is Way Too Cute

It’s a dream come true for some, and a big part of the country’s embrace of “kawaii” culture.

 New York City bus driver David Smith points out how to use the fare system to a passenger.

There's a Bus Driver Shortage. And No Wonder.

Why doesn't anyone want to drive the bus?

Is Paris Ready for Electric Scooter Sharing?

LimeBike’s fleet arrives at an opportune time, with the full blessing of city hall—but cultural and logistical hurdles could still pose a challenge.

A screen shot from the game 'Bus Simulator 18'

The Mundane Joys of Playing a Bus Simulator

In Bus Simulator 18, you’ll pick up passengers, dodge potholes, and avoid bankruptcy. Too real?

A Saudi woman sits in a car during driver's training at a university in Jeddah.

Why Saudi Arabia Finally Lifted Its Ban on Women Drivers

The Kingdom’s “Vision 2030” program aims to improve Saudi Arabia’s global image and loosen social restrictions. But dissent is still stifled.

Passengers in a ride-hailing vehicle.

The High Cost of Saving Travel Time

Are commuters changing how they value their minutes? A new study of time/cost trade-offs between transit, Uber, and Lyft is a hint.

London’s $2 Billion Plan to Ease Congestion on the Tube

Without these 250 new trains, the Underground might well be on a fast-track to meltdown.

A young man rides a hoverboard along a Manhattan street toward the Empire State Building in New York

Why Little Vehicles Will Conquer the City

Nearly all of them look silly, but if taken seriously, they could be a really big deal for urban transportation.

Nothing Is ‘Sexier’ Than Building a Highway Over the Everglades

Days before a key vote, Miami-Dade transit advocates are rallying against a proposed interstate expansion.

Ford’s Detroit Investments Are Bigger Than a Train Station

A 1.2 million square foot downtown campus expands the automaker’s physical stake in the transportation future.

To Build a Better Bus System, Ask a Driver

The people who know buses best have ideas about how to reform the system, according to a survey of 373 Brooklyn bus operators.

‘This Tube Was Made for You and Me’

In 1966, the opening of Montreal’s rapid transit service was welcomed with a TV show and a song that praised the mayor who helped bring it to life.

A rendering of Elon Musk's Chicago Express Loop, which would transport passengers from downtown to O'Hare in 12 minutes.

The Craziest Thing About Elon Musk's 'Express Loop' Is the Price

The $1 billion construction estimate is a fraction of what subterranean transit projects cost.

A road repair truck for Domino's "Paving for Pizza" campaign.

Why Domino’s Pizza Is Fixing Potholes Now

Pizza delivery and infrastructure repair go together like ham and pineapple.

A Milwaukee County Transit System bus.

Move to Wisconsin, Millennials! (Just Don't Forget Your Car.)

As the state spends millions to lure under-40 workers from across the Midwest, local transit riders are stuck in place.

The Costs Behind Hockey’s Return to Long Island

A “privately financed” venue for the New York Islanders has been touted by Governor Andrew Cuomo as a “win-win-win.” But it comes with open-ended public costs.

A road sign, next to a campaign poster of President Nicolás Maduro, indicates the way to Simón Bolívar International Airport, outside Caracas.

Venezuela’s Biggest Airport Is in Free Fall

Since 2014, more than a dozen airlines have stopped operating from Maiquetía airport in Caracas because of the country’s political and economic crisis.

You Can’t Fix Mass Transit By Destroying It

A suggestion that the New York City subway could be replaced by tunnels for autonomous cars would only exclude the riders who need it most.

There's One Thing Uber Hasn't Disrupted: Work.

Despite the gig-economy hype, the share of independent workers in the U.S. has dropped over the last decade. And Uber itself has a smaller role as an employer