How Transit Can Speed Houston's Recovery

Yes, the city does have a mass transit system. And it will need it.

Washington Is Scribbling Superb Traffic Maps With Microsoft Paint

The state transportation department is “full of real, genuine people,” says its spokeswoman, who just happen to be “not that great at art.”

When Cities Won't Protect Bike Lanes, 'Human Bollards' Step Up

From Idaho to Ireland, cyclists are linking arms to protest inadequate cycling infrastructure.  

California's Notorious Local Tax Law Loosens Its Grip

The state’s Supreme Court’s new ruling might make it easier to raise funds for funding transit and infrastructure projects.

People march along a road as a sign for the Jefferson Davis Highway stands in the foreground

How the Confederacy Is Etched Into American Roads

As cars became central to American life, a group of Confederate descendants dreamed of a coast-to-coast tribute to their vision of the South. Remnants of their efforts still remain.

The Evacuation That Wasn't

For Houston residents facing flooded highways in Hurricane Harvey, there was nowhere to go.

Photographing an Eerily Empty Mexico City

An artist reveals what the Mexican capital looks like when the notorious crowds of people and cars clear out.

A policeman boards a matatu in Nairobi.

The Future of Nairobi's Informal Transit

BRT and light rail plans for Kenya’s capital will most likely leave the privately owned and much maligned matatus and boda-bodas behind. Their operators, however, won’t likely go away without a fight.

Bill de Blasio is pictured.

Lab Report: Bill de Blasio Says Congestion Pricing Isn't 'Fair'

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

The Diverging Diamond Interchange Is Coming to a Road Near You

Drivers may be baffled by these newfangled intersections, but they’re safer than traditional four-way stops.

Pedestrians stroll down Las Ramblas in Barcelona in 2015.

Terror In Barcelona’s Pedestrian Heart

Understanding Las Ramblas, the historic street targeted in Thursday’s van attack.

Onlookers in Barcelona in the aftermath of a fatal van attack.

The Barcelona Terror Attack: What We Know

The driver targeted the city’s pedestrian heart in the incident, which killed 14 people and injured many more.

New York City Could Finally Try Congestion Pricing

Here’s how a governor-backed plan could win this time around.

Killing Machine

There’s an awful logic to the American muscle car that served as a weapon of hate in Charlottesville.

Are Angry Fairies Sabotaging an Irish Highway?

Probably not. But a story about vengeful spirits and a colorful local politician speaks to the Irish struggle over history and modernity.

A Glorious Infographic of North America's Transit Fleets

Check out these meticulously detailed infographics of every public transportation mode in 24 major cities.

To Attract Riders, Call Transit ‘Congestion Free’

Why emphasizing frequency, speed, and reliability in all conditions is so critical.

A Hyperloop test tube is pictured.

Lab Report: Why Hyperloop Wouldn't Get You to Work Any Faster

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

Here's the Real Science Behind That Fake Driverless Car

It’s called a Ghost Driver experiment, and it’s not a gag.