A man crosses a street during a traffic jam on the embankment of the Moskva River in downtown Moscow.

Traffic’s Mind-Boggling Economic Toll

The largest study of its kind ever conducted reveals just how how costly the scourge of traffic is in the world’s greatest cities.

The Problem With Just Blaming Amtrak

The fatal derailment in South Carolina is another reminder that passenger rail has a serious accountability problem.

Could Self-Driving Trucks Be Good for Truckers?

That’s what a new study from Uber’s self-driving-truck team says, and a variety of trucking experts think they might be right.

Why Is L.A. Expanding Transit—and Losing Riders?

The city is losing once-loyal lower-income patrons: They’re driving themselves.

Donald Trump is pictured.

Infrastructure Week Is Always Next Week

President Trump made yet another push for a major bill to rebuild roads, bridges, and railways. But to the frustration of lawmakers, his long-delayed plan is still not ready.

So Much for That Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan

The President’s first State of the Union address glossed over much-anticipated details. But cities and states already know what to expect.

The Case for Putting Amazon's HQ2 in the Suburbs

If it’s built on the urban fringe, HQ2 doesn’t have to be an inward-looking campus marooned in sprawl. It could be the mother of all suburban retrofits.

A construction worker inside the 86th Street cavern of the Second Avenue Subway tunnel in 2014

Why It's So Expensive to Build Urban Rail in the U.S.

It’s not just the Second Avenue Subway: Nearly all urban rail projects in the U.S. cost much more than their European counterparts.

The Incredibly Cheap Street Fix That Saves Lives

Say it with me: Leading pedestrian intervals.

To Care for Aging Bridges, Minnesota Taps the Power of Drones

To ward off infrastructure disaster, state engineers are experimenting with a new technology.

Seoul's Answer to a Pollution Crisis: Free Public Transit

It’s a costly move that has only produced meager results in other cities. Could it bring real change to South Korea’s smog-choked capital?

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti during a tour of a metro rail construction site in downtown Los Angeles.

The White House's Leaked Infrastructure Plan Is a Road Map With Few Details

But what is there might worry cash-strapped U.S. cities.

U.S. Road Safety Laws Lag, While Fatalities Climb

The U.S. traffic mortality rate far outstrips global peers. Here’s how state legislators could intervene.

More Bike Lanes Could Save up to 10,000 Lives a Year in Europe

A study of 167 European cities lays out the positive effects—and limits—of investing in more cycling infrastructure.

Orange traffic cones save parking spaces on a neighborhood street in South Boston.

The Psychology of Boston's Snow Parking Wars

In Boston, Chicago, and Philadelphia, an informal code allows residents to claim a parking space after shoveling it out. But the practice is often at odds both with the law and with the mores of changing neighborhoods.

A tow truck operator hooks up a damaged bus in 2011 in New York.

Should Transit Agencies Panic?

Many predict that new technology will doom public transportation. They’re wrong.  

Could Congestion Pricing Finally Work for New York City?

A fee-based plan may be the only hope for the city’s costly transportation crisis.

How Toronto Turned an Airport Rail Failure Into a Commuter Asset

The Union Pearson Express launched with expensive rides and low ridership. Now, with fares slashed in half and a light rail connection in the works, it’s a legitimate transit alternative for workers.

A dockless bikeshare bike on the streets of D.C.

What People Mean When They Call Dockless Bikeshare a 'Nuisance'

In Washington, D.C., some residents are not enthusiastic about the free-range rent-a-bikes.

The Automotive Liberation of Paris

The city has waged a remarkably successful effort to get cars off its streets and reclaim walkable space. But it didn’t happen overnight.